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現在網路上的免費資源越來越多 以下是關於水的免費筆刷 絕對是設計師必收集的筆刷之一 

Water Photoshop Brushes

Really Absolute Water Photoshop Brushes
By: redheadstock
36 Water Photoshop Brushes in a set of various water shapes.
Download Source

Water Brushes

Water Brushes for your personal use
By: seiyastock
Various water brushes for your water artworks.
Download Source

Water Brushes II

Nice water brushes
By: superlibbie
5 Cool Water Brushes for effective designs
Download Source

Water II Photoshop Brushes

More Cool Water Brushes
By: redheadstock
30 More Water Brushes for you!
Download Source

Water Brushes

Fun To Use Water Brushes
By: boalynn-stock
Another set of water brushes to look forward to.
Download Source

Water Brushes

For A Creative Output Water Brushes
By: Ailedda
With 5 large brushes to choose from.
Download Source

Water Brushes Sampler

Sampler Water Brushes
By: FrozenStarRo
10 Splash of Brushes for free.
Download Source

Water Reflection Brushes

Reflective Water Brushes
By: Imaliea
Brush created through Photoshop CS3 with the brush color made white.
Download Source

Water Brushes

Artistically Designed Water Brushes
By: SugarBreezy
CS2 made water brushes and PNG image pack ade thru PS7.
Download Source

Water Brushes PS7

Simply Flowing Water Brushes
By: shinigaminoakui
PS7 made water brushes.
Download Source

Water Brushes

Very Attractive Water Brushes
By: towlie-resources
3 Big Brushes and 3 Small Ones as made using PSCS.
Download Source

Freakin Huge Water Brushes

Really Cool Water Brushes
By: meaikoh
19 Large Water Brushes for you to enjoy.
Download Source

Water Brushes Image Pack

Simply Inspiring Set of Water Brushes
By: superlibbie
7 more water brushes to cool you down.
Download Source

Water Drop Brushes

Tickly Nice Water Brushes
By: KaiPrincess
Pretty cool 11 Brushes made in Photoshop CS3.
Download Source

Water Splash Brushes

Amazingly Cooling You Down Water Brushes
By: FuelFireDesire
Cooling you down with Water Splash Brushes.
Download Source

Water Splashes PS Brush Set

Relieving Set of Water Brushes
By: fiftyfivepixels
Set of brushes ideal for making backgrounds for their high resolutions.
Download Source

Water Splatter Brushes 1

Splattering Water Brushes
By: lovescrapbooks
Can be downloaded in 1600×1600 pixels.
Download Source

High Resolution Water Brushes

Indeed Awesome Water Brushes
By: christalynnebrushes
5 High Resolution Water Brushes zipped.
Download Source

Water Drops A

Useful and Unique Water Drops Brushes
By: creativetuts
May it be in drops or droplets as needed.
Download Source

Realistic Water Brush

Awesome Water Brush
By: FlashKid105
A very nice water brush for your project.
Download Source

Water Drops D

Amazing Sand Texture
By: creativetuts
Another set of water drops brushes for your needs.
Download Source

Drops and Water Brushes

Very Nice Water Brushes
By: nico-brushes
Even just a small set of water and water drops brushes will help you out.
Download Source

Water Brush

Really Fabulous Water Photoshop Brush
By: anaRasha-stock
Fantastic water brush.
Download Source

Water Droplets Brush

Really Cute Water Photoshop Brushes
By: lizard–queen
Gorgeous brush for water drops.
Download Source

Water Splash Brushes

Still Amazing Photoshop Brushes
By: freddywang
Splashingly nice water brushes.
Download Source

Splash Water

Astonishing Water Photoshop Brushes
By: midnightstouch
Nice 28 brushes which includes drips, drops ripples and fountains.
Download Source

Water Splash Brushes

Excitingly Splashing Water Brushes
By: xresch
More water splashing for your design!
Download Source

Splash Brushes

Enjoyable Water Brushes
By: Baringa-of-the-Wind
A set of 5 brushes to splash you out.
Download Source

Water Drop Brushes Set 2

Nice on the Eyes Water Brushes
By: kaiprincess
7 Brushes nicely made in Photoshop CS3.
Download Source





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